Charles T. Creech proudly serves the Hay and Straw Needs

For over 30 years, Creech Inc. has provided quality hay and straw to meet the ever changing needs of its customers.

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Charles T. Creech, Inc. proudly serves the hay and straw needs of the equine industry not only in Kentucky but around the world. For over 30 years, Creech Inc. has provided quality hay and straw to meet the ever changing needs of its customers.

Creech Services, Inc. provides answers for muck removal and disposal for various horse farms and stables around Central Kentucky. In recycling this material, Creech Services, Inc. manufactures baled product for mushroom farms as well as some of the nation’s finest quality certified organic compost and landscape products.

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Our Services

Mushroom Farm Supply

For over 20 years, mushroom farms across the country as well as in Canada have been utilizing Creech’s baled used horse bedding to make the best compost for their operations.   The used horse bedding is a combination of approximately 99% damp straw and 1% horse manure.  It is baled at Creech Services’ plant in Lexington, Kentucky into bales approximately 4’x4’x5’ which each weigh approximately one ton.  Thus, a flat bed trailer can then be loaded to maximum legal weight with approximately 170 cubic yards of baled material.

Hay & Stray Sales

Based in Lexington, Kentucky, the thoroughbred horse capitol of the world, Charles T. Creech Inc. has become a worldwide supplier of quality hay and straw to the Thoroughbred industry.  With our focus on quality and service, Creech Inc. has been supplying hay to some of the world’s most famous horses for over 30 years.  By working hard to provide a reliable supply of quality hay and straw to our customers, Creech Inc. allows professional horsemen and horsewomen to spend less time worrying about the hay in the lofts and more time focusing on the horses in the stalls.

Export Services

In addition to supplying our local Thoroughbred Industry, Charles T. Creech Inc. has also been shipping premium hay oversees for over two decades.  We currently ship hay to trainers and horse farms throughout Europe and the Middle East and have the capacity to ship hay anywhere in the world.