Charles T. Creech

Charles T. Creech. was founded November 1, 1981 by Tom Creech.  Operating in Lexington, Kentucky (the horse capitol of the world) the company was supplying quality hay and straw to local horse farms.  The idea was fairly simple–by taking on the responsibility of providing farms a consistent supply of premium hay and straw, Creech’s customers could spend more of their time focusing on their horses and less of their time worrying about their hay.  By focusing on service and quality, Creech Inc. quickly became the premier hay supplier in the area.   This success was due largely in part to Creech’s efforts to expand supply chains to all the major hay growing regions in North America.  This meant that if one particular region had a bad harvest, Creech Inc. was still able to provide customers with premium hay from a different region.

A major milestone came for Creech Inc. in May of 1986 when Creech became an international hay supplier by exporting hay to a thoroughbred operation in England.  Over the next few years Creech, Inc. would greatly expand its export sales to thoroughbred operations throughout Europe.  Building upon European export sales, Creech began shipping quality hay to the United Arab Emirates in September of 1990.  Today Creech Inc. is the largest exporter of premium horse hay to the Middle East.

Creech Services, Inc.

Tom’s business expanded in 1987, when Creech Services, Inc. was founded to meet another growing need of local horse farms. Creech Services began providing an outlet for their used bedding, also known as muck. The main use for this muck is to ship to mushroom farms where it is the major ingredient in their mushroom growth medium. By employing the same level of outstanding service and on time delivery as Charles T. Creech, Inc., Creech Services was recognized in 1991, as the recipient of the Select Supplier Award from Campbell’s Soup Company.

In 2000, Creech Services began construction of its own 20 acre concrete compost facility that was completed in early 2001.  Since that time, in addition to shipping to mushroom farms, Creech has been producing its Thoroughbred and Standardbred Composts for use by local gardeners, landscapers, greenhouses, and even its horse farm customers.

In 2012, Creech added a warehouse facility at 1025 Russell Cave Road, Lexington. This site added additional storage for hay and straw, and added flexibility to our other operations